Letchworth BID Projects

The BID Company is here to act as a voice for local businesses to tackle issues related to both footfall and offer. Our mission is to restore the world’s first Garden City to its place as a unique and inspirational destination for all to enjoy: attractive, social, innovative, creative, convenient and most of all thriving.

Unlike BIDs in most other areas, we do not have to spend our money on issues such as vandalism, graffiti, anti-social behaviour or littering, as these are already dealt with by local authorities and the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation.

Thus we are able to focus all our expenditure and effort on items such as promotion, inward investment and tools to help our businesses to help themselves.

Specifically, the BID Company’s plan focusses on four streams of activity/projects:

  • Events and promotional activities – Weekly events and promotional activities are held throughout the town centre, showcasing the town’s core offer and bringing additional attractions to the town
  • Access and parking – Reviewing and taking action on those aspects of access and parking in the town centre that are most important to visitors and businesses
  • Marketing – Promoting what Letchworth Garden City has to offer our primary and secondary catchments via all media formats with an increasing focus on digital media
  • Developing our offer – Improving our range, relevance and quality of social, leisure, service and retail offer in Letchworth Garden City town centre, working with landlords where necessary