Events and Promotional Activities

Weekly events and promotional activities are held throughout the town centre, showcasing the town’s core offer and bringing additional attractions to the town

What this will deliver:

  • Continual additional reasons for consumers to visit the town
  • Opportunities for businesses to build new customer relationships and consumer habits
  • Increased footfall in the town, both for the duration of events and in the longer term
  • Improved connections with the community through working in partnership with resident groups to put on events

Specifically the BID company will:

  • Ensure there is an event or promotional activity in the town every week
  • Develop the existing programme of events, taking account of feedback to retain the best bits, make improvements where necessary and innovate
  • Work with town centre businesses to help them maximise the benefit from events and promotions
  • Support businesses and community groups to develop their own events and promotions whenever these will add value to the economy of the town centre